Hello, Carrie!

Dear Carrie,

I imagine you are sitting comfortably sipping a refreshing beverage on the deck with a view of a beautiful, floral backyard. The work week was challenging but rewarding. A smile flits across your face as you think about your healthy bank account with the recent addition of that well-deserved bonus.

I imagine your husband is joining you with a refill and small plate of fruit. He asks about your day as he releases the tension in your shoulders. You two discuss for the fiftieth time the prospect of having children. You know want them as you both love children.

I imagine your weekend will be filled with catching up on everything you have not had a chance to get to during the week.

I imagine you are happy and will continue to seek ways to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

I imagine you are doing your share to make sure the environment’s report card continues to improve.

I imagine you are focused on continuing to eat well and exercise regularly.

I imagine the world continues to hold mystery for you, and you continue to have the desire to explore, learn, and grow.

I imagine you love hard and are loved well in return.

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