Bike Ride in the Park!

For the Sound Effects Story assignment, I decided to put together some audio sound effects to make it seem like one was taking a ride through the park. For this assignment, I imported sounds of a bicycle riding, children/adults talking and playing in the park, a dog barking, snowfall calming music, a water stream/streaming water. In this assignment, I was trying to replicate the sounds or the environment around me, when I go on my bike rides in my hometown. I feel that this audio file that I created makes me feel a sense of freedom in a way. Typically when I go on these bike rides, I clear my mind and just enjoy my surroundings. However, this is my first time importing and putting audio sounds together, so let me know what you think!

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  1. Yesss! I love biking and your audio captures a lot of what I hear, especially when I go downtown. Even the music in the background reminds me of my bike rides because I am always listening to music while I ride.

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