Already Time for this Again??

This week, had been quite a challenge for me. I had been stuck trying to complete and study for midterms all week. However, I am happy to have learned how to use and create new audio sounds and create some beats. I am happy to learn how to use new apps! I also enjoyed the Audio Assignments that we had to complete this past week. You can check then out below!

I was also able to create to complete my daily creates for this week as well. You can check those out down below as well.

I was also able to create my very own Radio Bumper.

I was able to listen and jot down my thoughts on the “Moon Graffiti” recording on Soundcloud. While listening to that, I was also able to think of an idea for a radio show which both can be seen below.

Overall, I enjoyed being able to experiment with these little sounds. These are great skills that we are learning and will be able to hopefully use in the future. I am glad that I am in this class! See you guys next week!

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