Piano Night!

For this assignment, I have created a potential upcoming event! I selected a template on Canva and created a flyer for a possible event coming up. Let me know if you can make it or what your thoughts are on the flyer I created!

Animal Who?

I attempted the Honest Video Game Covers Assignments! I really had to think about what game I felt had one of the most deceptive titles. So, I chose to change the Animal Crossing game. I feel that Animal Crossing title should really be called “Fish and Dig for Fossils” because essentially that is what you are doing the whole game. Yes, there are animals in the game that you interact with but they really do not do much besides wander the island looking for you. However, your job as the only human on the island is to fish and dig for fossils so that you can make money (bells). Despite the deception, I really like this game.

Tea Time!

I attempted the Promotional Flyer Assignment. I decided to promote a tea gathering for tea lovers. To create my flyer, I used Canva! I selected a template that was cute and easy to fool around with. Please ket me know if you will be attending!

No Place Like Home!

I decided to attempt the Favorite Movie Quote Assignment! For this assignment, I chose my favorite line and photo from my favorite movie, the Wizard of Oz. I chose this photo because, it reminds me of a happy family and how Dorothy and her friends stuck together through thick and thin. The quote “There’s no place like home” was the one-liner that I really remember from the movie. Honestly, when Dorothy said that, I completely understood what she meant because home is where the heart is at the end of the day!