Weekly Summary

To be completely honest, this week’s assignments were challenging. I was required to utilize numerous platforms, some of which I was familiar and others that were completely new to me. I am by nature fairly reserved and fond of my privacy. While completing these assignments, I have felt like I have been walking along the perimeter of the box in which I typically spend the majority of my time. So far, I have enjoyed learning how to navigate various digital platforms. I know I have much to learn but still feel a sense of accomplishment.¬†¬†


 If the assignments this week are any indication, this course will help me increase my level of engagement and understanding of numerous internet/digital platforms. By the end of this course, I hope to be able to move fluidly between them improving my overall ability to communicate effectively in a digital world (while maintaining my preferred level of privacy and personal exposure). 

Blog Ross

In “Blaze of Color,” Bob Ross manipulates light to give life to what started out as a black canvas. Though Bob Ross uses paints and brushes to create a beautiful landscape, it is the words spoken simultaneously with each stroke that tells the story of his creation. The work itself is proof of the journey, but it is the journey itself that defines the work. The finished product is a testament to the true meaning of possibility. Bob Ross used gentle words and soft spoken encouragement to encourage and direct viewers to practice or “play with it” so that one can achieve “unbelievable things” once turned “loose on the world.” With the use of gentle persuasion and thoughtful brush strokes, Bob Ross inspires viewers to fully embrace one’s passion. Imagine it, visualize it, then do it.


Hi, welcome to my blog!  

This summer, I focused on surrounding myself with things that make me smile. Specifically, music that has a happy vibe. When I needed a little motivation to get moving, I hit play on my top 10. 

The view from the hill Рone of the many sites I was able to enjoy as I walked, hiked, and just enjoyed spending time taking in and taking advantage of the natural beauty in my area. 


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