Final Summary

For this final project, I have decided to take the time to reflect on my progress throughout this course. I decided I would show most of my reflection by using my designing , audio skills and my writing skills to demonstrate my growth. In this final project, I have posted a an interview along with a transcription. In this interview, I have my grandfather interviewing about my time in the DS106 class. I decided to use the audacity app to record myself speaking and also included some little background music. In this interview, I hope one can listen and understand how much I really learned and took the time to really think about these questions. Being in this class, how really taught me how to manage my time and definitely showed me how important it is to be creative and let loose. Along with this project, I had used the canva app to create a poster that I felt would demonstrate or introduce my growth/progression. Lastly I had included a gif from Giphy and created my own poem to also demonstrate my growth. For the poem, I wanted to show off my creativity and my writing skills in this. I felt that this was probably one of my best writing that I have done and it took me a couple of days to come with this idea. Overall, I feel that I have learned so much from this class and am going to miss all of these fun and exciting assignments. I have already had to use these skills that I have obtained from this course in my job and it really pays off! Thank you so much for a great semester Professor Bond!

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