Weekly Summary

This week has just reminded me of how close we are to the end! I feel that many of my professors are just now starting to hand out and assign their final projects! It is a bit overwhelming but I am trying to manage! For this week I was able to use more of my photoshop skills, especially with being able to cutout certain pictures and stick them onto a photo. Which you can see in these mashup and remix assignments below!

I was also able to complete my three daily creates for this week, which you can check out down below!

Weekly Summary

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week I had a lot on my plate. I had to complete a couple other projects from my other classes at the beginning of this week, so I did not really have too much time to really complete some of these Video Assignments like I had wanted to. However, I was only able to create two daily creates this week, which can be seen down below.

Next up, I completed 10 stars worth of assignments this week! I created a Night Time Routine video, a Dear 16 Year old me video, a How to be a Healthier You video and a What do You do on an everyday basis video. Which all of those videos can be seen down below!

Weekly Summary

This week was relatively light for me all around. I did not have too much work to complete this week. I also had the opportunity to listen to a radio show and reflect in a blog which can be seen below as well! I was able to complete my three daily creates which can be seen below.

I had also been tasked with creating a story using my daily creates! I have posted that below, so let me know what you think!

Below you can find my project idea for my final project. I also had a great time attempting to recreate or revamp 2 assignments. It was interesting to reread them and then try to figure how to remix them, but I attempted it! You can find them below as well!

Weekly Summary 8 Already?

I feel like this week has flown by. I can not believe we are already finishing week 8! Below, I have posted my group’s progress with the radio show and what role I had in the project. You can find that in my post below.

This week my radio show group was able to complete our first ever Radio Show, which you guys can check out down below! Let me know what you guys think!

I was also able to complete my two daily creates for this week. You can check that out below as well! Overall, I had a fun time working with my group to complete this project. I did not realize how much fun I would have doing this.

Where does the Time Go??

This week has been pretty hectic/busy for me. I was able to join a group and discuss ideas for a radio show topic called “The Tea on Social Media.” My group and I shared a Google Doc amongst each other and we created a group chat. There has been a lot of great ideas discussed through this group chat. While doing that I able to create a Radio Show Bumper, Poster, and Commercial for this Radio Show. These posts can be seen below.

While completing those assignments/group work, I was also able to complete my three daily creates for this week, which can be seen below.

Already Time for this Again??

This week, had been quite a challenge for me. I had been stuck trying to complete and study for midterms all week. However, I am happy to have learned how to use and create new audio sounds and create some beats. I am happy to learn how to use new apps! I also enjoyed the Audio Assignments that we had to complete this past week. You can check then out below!

I was also able to create to complete my daily creates for this week as well. You can check those out down below as well.

I was also able to create my very own Radio Bumper.

I was able to listen and jot down my thoughts on the “Moon Graffiti” recording on Soundcloud. While listening to that, I was also able to think of an idea for a radio show which both can be seen below.

Overall, I enjoyed being able to experiment with these little sounds. These are great skills that we are learning and will be able to hopefully use in the future. I am glad that I am in this class! See you guys next week!

Week 6 Down

This week has been pretty busy for me and I am sure others as well! However, I was able to complete everything on time this week! I actually enjoyed creating these design assignments this week. I learned that there was more to graphic design than just creating a bunch of business logos. I wrote down my thoughts in the post below.

I also had a great time attempting the Design Blitz challenge. I have posted a link to that below. Let me know what you think!

I was also able to create my three daily creates this week!

I also had some pretty decent designs this week too! If you would like to check them out, they will be posted below!

Another Week Down

This week’s work actually was quite intriguing to say the least. At the beginning of the week, I was able to complete my three daily create, which are posted below.

While completing my Daily Creates, I also learned some more facts about photography that I had not really given a thought about before taking a photo. Before, I had never really thought of contrast photos or even photoshopping photos to begin that. I had always thought that putting your phone in portrait mode and having/using good lighting would do the trick. However, I was wrong. There is so much more thought and consideration that goes into taking a photo and I am glad I had a little taste of that this week. Here are some of the challenges and reflections I have written and created from this week’s assignments!

Finally Settling

Overall, this week was much better than the past couple of weeks. I finally can say that I am settling in to a routine for this course. This week I was able to keep up with the Daily Creates! I really enjoyed the “show your shoes” create.

I also completed the 12 star writing assignments. It was definitely fun. I enjoyed having options and not being limited to certain topics. I like the creative freedom that we are able to have when completing these assignments. Overall, I think my favorite post/assignment was the”Mommy Dearest” one. I have tried to boost my participation more. I have followed more people (classmates) on Twitter and I am beginning to post comments on more of my classmate’s blogs.

What a Week!

This week for me has been quite busy. If I am being honest, I am still working on prioritizing and managing my time. However, I was able to meaningfully engage in the activities in which I shared some of my thoughts and interests in a creative manner on the assignments posted. I really enjoyed the prompts in the Assignment Bank. I think my favorite post this week would have to be the “Live Your Life” post. In this specific post, I feel that I was able to connect more due to the song being one of my favorites. Even though I was only able to complete two Daily Creates, I really appreciated that these mini assignments help increase my ability to be creative by encouraging me to think outside the box more. This week, I have tried to increase my participation by actually taking the time to comment, read and analyze my classmate’s posts.