Pictures Speak Louder than Words!

Realistically, I do not have much experience taking photos. I mean, if you count screenshots as me taking photos, I take plenty of photos. I typically use the portrait mode setting if I attempt to take a decent/professional-looking photo with my phone. When looking at the limited photos that I have actually taken over the years, I noticed that I tend to capture feelings of happiness or excitement. Overall, I think I am somewhat successful when taking my photos, but I am a little bit biased. In general, I can improve my photography skills by using third-party apps and learning how to edit photos. I need to experiment more with taking photos and using other apps. By using pictures/images, our brains could possibly produce a story faster than reading text/words on a page. I think that images can be viewed independently of the text. Images are more appealing than text. Also, in most photos, an image can portray an emotion that will more than likely stay in one’s brain than just reading text.