Care Bears?!

For this assignment I was tasked with taking an actor’s face and putting or superimposing the landscape over the face or however you want to call it. The first thing I thought of was that meme that I always saw with James Van Der Beek’s face. Basically he was about to cry in one scene and I decided to cut out his face from my screenshot and paste it onto the Care Bears tv show front cover. I figure this would have been a great fit due to the Care Bears not having a “Sad” Care Bear. Yes, there is a Grumpy Care Bear but there is not just a sad one. Typically when you see care Bears, you think of happiness and colorful but then you add someone with a sad expression on the front cover and it just looks ridiculous to me. However, let me know what you think of this!

Holiday Mashup

For this assignment, I was tasked with combining three of my favorite holidays onto one photo. My favorite holiday would definitely have to be Christmas, and my family still likes to convince the kids that Santa is real… . So, I decided it would be easiest to find a picture of Santa for this. My next favorite holiday would definitely have to be Valentines Day. I am not sure if a lot of people consider this a holiday but I do. So, I just copied a picture of a heart and posted onto my photo along with Santa. My third favorite holiday would have to be Easter due to my favorite animal being a bunny and the fact that I receive so much candy on that day. Basically for all of the photos that I had found, I pasted them on Pixlr and cut them out to make them neater. From there, I then worked on layering/placing them where it would make the most sense. Overall, I think this picture spreads the joy, love and creativeness just upon first glance. However, let me know what you guys think of this!