Dear Carrie Take 2!

For my second rework assignment, I had decided to take one of the writing assignments that I had completed in the beginning of the semester. I believe for this assignment I had to wrote a letter to myself in the future. So, I figured that now that I know how to add music and background sounds to my assignments using Audacity, that I would give that a go. I mean I feel that it would mean more with an actual voice behind and some nice hopeful music in the background. So, let me know what you think!

Mommy Dearest Take 2!

I have decided to revise my “Mommy Dearest” post. I decided to take the letter I had written to my mom and paste onto a background that I had found soothing/easy/appealing to the eyes. I felt that at first the original post was a little boring or dull without a little background. However, now that I have found the perfect background for this letter, I feel that it gives this letter a little more color and attracts viewers.