Increasing my Skills!

In keeping with the your story/our story theme, use photos you have taken, or photos you have, as much as you can, but focus on how the images function as photographs rather than your personal connection to the subjects or events. How many of the points below can you find? How do they impact the storytelling aspect of the image?

As I have stated in my previous blog, I am not much of a photographer. After reading Becoming a Better Photographer, I searched through my camera roll and realized that I do not have many photos that would fit various categories listed. I have found one photo in my photo library that would fit the contrast category (see photo below). In the photo provided, one can see that the photo exudes/portrays sadness. Also, the filter on this image enhances that emotion.

The next photo I have found could fulfill a couple of the points listed. The photo I have found was taken on a hike in Madison County during the spring season. This photo could be placed in the perspective category because I had climbed up on a pretty upscale/tall rock to capture this photo. The lighting in this photo is also pretty spot on, if I do say so myself. One can see into the little creek/river and see the smaller rocks. In a way, this captured photo was more on the well-thought-out side. This photo was not just randomly snapped; it was more of a calculated photo, in my opinion.