Granger and Weasley??

Ron and Hermoine — that’s a tough sell in my opinion. There was no chemistry, and the romance was nonexistent. The little childish arguments/squabbles were more akin to the disagreements between siblings not would be lovers.

Kid Kiss GIFs | Tenor

The gif represents the awkwardness and childishness that was present in the Harry Potter series between the two characters, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger.


It’s not always what one sees in a photo that has the greatest impact on the viewer. Sometimes, it is what is just outside of shot, obviously not included, but forces the mind to create the story. Just as the moon is shadowed by the tree and cloud cover, the guest at this soirée are cloaked by darkness, shrouded in mystery. I invite you to imagine the guests with their happy faces swaying to the sounds of light music in the background with only the moon hiding behind the trees to bear witness to the evening’s festivities.