Tea on Social Media Commercial

I attempted the Product Commercial assignment. For this assignment, I decided to do a commercial on an event called sip and create. If you take a listen I even attempted to include our ds106 theme in with my project group’s topic. I had a pretty fun time creating this commercial, so please let me know what you all think!

Tea on Social Media Bumper

I chose the “create your ds106 radio bumper” audio assignment. I created this bumper to give my group another bumper choice to select. I decided to choose a chill loop from the freesound and then recorded my voice over the loop. Let me know what you think!

Radio Bumper

This is my first time ever creating a Radio Bumper and I have to say that I was very nervous do this. I had to re-record my voice so many times. I am someone that does not enjoy hearing their voice after being recorded but as I figured out what I was going to say for the bumper, I became comfortable. I had first selected a somewhat soothing sounds from the freesound website and then wrote out a little script of what I was going to say. Let me know what you guys think!

Come Relax with Me!

I attempted the All the Relaxation assignment. In this challenge, we were tasked with putting some relaxing audio sounds together. For this assignment, I used the Snowfall audio, the ocean waves audio and the heavy rain audio. All of these sounds put together really and truly make me feel so relaxed. I even almost fell asleep listening to this audio sound. Please take a listen to it and let me know your thoughts!

Maybe a Sick Beat?

For this post, I took on the challenge of making a sick beat. Like I have stated before in one of my posts, I have never really had to really listen and put beats together to make it sound decent. I have experience with playing instruments like piano, violin and guitar but I have always had to read music off of a sheet of paper and never really had to create my own beat, if that makes sense. For my beat that I have created, I decided to use some Latin beats to make my little beat. I used some Latin House Congos, Latin House piano, and some Latin House Groove rhythm. I hope this does not sound too bad; let me know your thoughts!

Bike Ride in the Park!

For the Sound Effects Story assignment, I decided to put together some audio sound effects to make it seem like one was taking a ride through the park. For this assignment, I imported sounds of a bicycle riding, children/adults talking and playing in the park, a dog barking, snowfall calming music, a water stream/streaming water. In this assignment, I was trying to replicate the sounds or the environment around me, when I go on my bike rides in my hometown. I feel that this audio file that I created makes me feel a sense of freedom in a way. Typically when I go on these bike rides, I clear my mind and just enjoy my surroundings. However, this is my first time importing and putting audio sounds together, so let me know what you think!