Week 10

Honestly this week has been a struggle. I was not really able to post and complete all of the assignments that were assigned this week. I had a lot of stress on my plate this week and hope that everything does get better! I was able to complete a couple of video assignments like my Night Routine and Some tips on how to be a healthier you. Overall, this week I had been working on a presentation for my Data Science night class and have been trying to come up with code to create. Again, sorry for the disappointment!

Final Summary

For this final project, I have decided to take the time to reflect on my progress throughout this course. I decided I would show most of my reflection by using my designing , audio skills and my writing skills to demonstrate my growth. In this final project, I have posted a an interview along with a transcription. In this interview, I have my grandfather interviewing about my time in the DS106 class. I decided to use the audacity app to record myself speaking and also included some little background music. In this interview, I hope one can listen and understand how much I really learned and took the time to really think about these questions. Being in this class, how really taught me how to manage my time and definitely showed me how important it is to be creative and let loose. Along with this project, I had used the canva app to create a poster that I felt would demonstrate or introduce my growth/progression. Lastly I had included a gif from Giphy and created my own poem to also demonstrate my growth. For the poem, I wanted to show off my creativity and my writing skills in this. I felt that this was probably one of my best writing that I have done and it took me a couple of days to come with this idea. Overall, I feel that I have learned so much from this class and am going to miss all of these fun and exciting assignments. I have already had to use these skills that I have obtained from this course in my job and it really pays off! Thank you so much for a great semester Professor Bond!

Interview and the Transcription

Interview with the New and Improved Carrington!

Transcript for Interview:

Welcome to the evening edition of The Reflected Self. We are pleased to  have with us the newly  transformed Carrington F. Carrington is in the final week of Digital Storytelling  and cannot say enough about the growth she has experienced as she stretched her personal boundaries when completing the tasks placed before her these past few months. This self-proclaimed introvert acknowledges the angst initially felt when posting  text and photos online via a variety of media platforms. Welcome to the show, Carrington.

*Interview begins*

Were you clear about expectations when you signed up for the course?

C: I fully expected to become familiar with various media platforms. I did not realize the storytelling component  would be comprised of my story – no  matter how  small and  seemingly insignificant  it might  appear to others. I know it truly is a snapshot  of  my life in some  respects, but the level of exposure  I felt is  a big deal to  me. 

Would  you do  it again? Would you register for another course  similar  to this one?

C: Honestly, I would take another course like this again. It was very enlightening and was for sure an interesting class to say the least. 

What was the toughest  component of the course?

C: I have always considered myself to be a tech savvy person, but I had never really been introduced to most of these apps that I have had to learn in these classes. I think my biggest challenge during the semester would definitely have had to be learning how to use the Audacity app. I had never really had to learn how to download or look for sounds/loops from the internet and create a radio show or music that tells a story. I have also been someone who does not like to record themselves talking.  

What did you enjoy the most?

C: Hmm, I would definitely have to say the remixing or learning how to photoshop. Ever since I entered this class, I had no idea how to use any of these new apps like photoshop or Audacity. I really never had a purpose for using these apps. Also, I had never even used Twitter before I even entered this course! This is the first time I have ever had to tweet anything in my life…..I tend to stay away from social media for the most part. Yes, I have snapchat, but I never post selfies or anything on there. I am someone who is camera shy so typically you will not see me posting anything with myself in it. 

What is your greatest accomplishment?

C: I think my greatest accomplishment would have to be that I have learned how to practically master using these apps throughout this semester or course. Also the fact that I was able to sit in front of a camera and record myself talking and editing my video is another one of my greatest accomplishments. I hate listening to myself and looking at myself on video. I feel that I am too critical of myself but by taking this course I have learned to somewhat appreciate the fact that I have the ability to kind of edit or alter these videos and photos. 

What will you take away from this course?

C: I have gained many skills! I can better manipulate photoshop, edit and create videos on iMovie and edit and create sounds on Audacity! Also, I can now officially say that I have Twitter fingers now!

What has taking this course done for  your confidence?

I look at things less as insurmountable obstacles and more like merry little challenges (It is December). 

Has your appreciation for Bob Ross changed in any way?

C: Great question! I knew  Bob Ross was a great landscape artist. Thanks to this course I now know that his paintings were the product of  the beautiful life lessons  he  shared. When he spoke about perspective and color,  he was truly encouraging his viewers to enjoy  all the beauty that life  has to offer. The beauty that he was able to create with seemingly simple brushstrokes is a testament to his appreciation of the world in which he lived and his fellow human beings. He exuded kindness, patience, and grace. He painted so much more than a canvas; He painted life. I certainly have a greater appreciation for his work and the messages he shared. 


I shift

I shimmer

I change.

I twist

I twinkle

I turn.

My glimmer brings light to your eyes

My sparkle fills you with hope

Do not remember the flaws that are me, world.

Please remember how I made you feel.

Progress Report

This week for my final project, I have really taken the time to think about the direction I wanted to take for my project. Since I was thinking about creating a project based on overcoming obstacles, I was thinking of creating almost like a documentary, or like progress I have made since starting this class to completing it. So far, I have created somewhat of a flyer for my work. Right now, I am working on writing a little bit of a script for my video/documentary. In my video, since our theme is Bob Ross, I plan on having my cousin dress up as Bob Ross and narrate my story while he is creating a picture. I plan on shooting that video on Monday or Tuesday.

Weekly Summary

This week has just reminded me of how close we are to the end! I feel that many of my professors are just now starting to hand out and assign their final projects! It is a bit overwhelming but I am trying to manage! For this week I was able to use more of my photoshop skills, especially with being able to cutout certain pictures and stick them onto a photo. Which you can see in these mashup and remix assignments below!

I was also able to complete my three daily creates for this week, which you can check out down below!


For this assignment, I remixed my Care Bear mashup! The remix asked that I change the mood of my last mashup. By doing so, I changed the happy care bear mood to a sad and scared one! I used Pixlr again for this assignment because I find it quite simple to crop and cut out photos by using that system. I am still working on my cutout and photoshop skills but I did the best that I could, so let me know what you think!

Mix it up!

So I remixed the Holiday Mashup assignment! For my remix, I had to add in a sidekick! So for my holiday remix mashup, I added in Santa’s favorite helper and guider of his sleigh! If you don’t who I am talking about, I am talking about Rudolph the red nose reindeer! I cut out a photo of him and pasted it onto my original photo.

Care Bears?!

For this assignment I was tasked with taking an actor’s face and putting or superimposing the landscape over the face or however you want to call it. The first thing I thought of was that meme that I always saw with James Van Der Beek’s face. Basically he was about to cry in one scene and I decided to cut out his face from my screenshot and paste it onto the Care Bears tv show front cover. I figure this would have been a great fit due to the Care Bears not having a “Sad” Care Bear. Yes, there is a Grumpy Care Bear but there is not just a sad one. Typically when you see care Bears, you think of happiness and colorful but then you add someone with a sad expression on the front cover and it just looks ridiculous to me. However, let me know what you think of this!